Islamic iPrayer

‘Islamic iPrayer’ is the World’s first electronic audio ‘salah’ (prayer) learning device incorporated within a prayer mat. It has full authenticated recitation of the five daily prayers (Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha) and Jumah (Friday prayers) by 8 Reciters.

The V1 has 28 touch screen buttons for each salah and rakat content to be performed with 8 reciters. Red (Obligatory), Amber (Optional) and Green (Optional) Led's allow the user to distinguish between the obligatory and optional prayers. There is also a free colour salah guide included with each V1 device.

V2 has 4 reciters with 5 touch screen buttons, 2 fard, 3 fard, 4 fard, 4 sunnah and 3 Witr. The 5 button combination allows you to complete the content of any salah.

Islamic iPrayer V1

Price: £49.99

Islamic iPrayer V2

Price: £39.99

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